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Dolphins at Broncos score predictions: It’s not looking good for Denver

With confidence here at Mile High Report and in Broncos Country at large, there isn’t much optimism to go around. Here’s how we think the Denver Broncos might do against the Miami Dolphins this week.

Getting anyone to participate in this week’s score prediction post was more difficult than usual. It would seem even we’re getting apathetic about the Denver Broncos chances of winning each week, but especially this week against the 6-3 Miami Dolphins.

However, at least one of us was crazy enough to see an opportunity for Denver to shock us all and pull out a win in Week 11. Collectively, though, it was a different score. As a group we have Miami whipping our favorite team 28-18.

Below we break down how we each predicted the Broncos-Dolphins outcome on an individual basis.

Broncos 20, Dolphins 18

As of this writing, there is no official word on whether Drew Lock will start on Sunday. However, I have a sneaking suspicious the team will use his banged up body as a reason to give him the bench his play deserves. Head Coach Vic Fangio was a bit wishy washy too in his comments on Lock on Friday.

“Throwing and operating without showing any effects of the injury, and then also when he comes in the following day how he feels,” Fangio said. “To me that’s the big thing there, is he throwing it accurately, is he throwing it on time, is his motion altered at all, things like that. He was a little sore this morning, but that’s to be expected because he hadn’t really done much since the game on Sunday, but I didn’t see too much of the altering of his delivery and stuff.”

Regardless of who starts, I think the Broncos win this game. Whether it ends up being Brett Rypien time once again or a Drew Lock comeback, Denver comes out on top in a hard fought win that will take them out of the Top 5 pick 2021 NFL Draft conversation. - Tim Lynch

Dolphins 35, Broncos 16

The Broncos struggle to score points, again. The defense gets tired, again. The special teams sucks, again. However, this is not a merry-go-round. It’s a giant drain. The water is circling, which is why watching the Broncos feels like listening to the same song on repeat for the last 5 years. There are parts of the song that are always good, most of it sucks, and by now, we really just want the battery to die. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! - Adam Malnati

Dolphins 31, Broncos 16

The defense does its best to keep the Broncos in the game but it isn’t enough. The Miami defense is great at creating turnovers and Denver’s offense gives the ball away like it’s free shot night. The problem is the only people who feel the effects are the Broncos and Broncos Country, without the benefit of blacking out first. - Ian St. Clair

Joe’s Angry

Broncos lose badly. Defense looks good for a little while as Drew Lock embarrasses himself against Miami’s pressure looks. The Broncos PR machine spends Turkey day arguing about if he is Josh Allen. I spend it drunk. - Joe Rowles

Give us your Broncos-Dolphins score predictions in the comments section below.