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Week 11: Dolphins at Broncos - Live updates

The Denver Broncos will take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 11. Follow us here for live updates throughout the game.

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NFL: Denver Broncos at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos will host the Miami Dolphins in Week 11. The Broncos have just one win at home this season and the Dolphins have won five straight games.

In-game updates


Drew Lock will get the start for the Broncos in this game, which gives him a chance to redeem himself after several games of very poor quarterback play. The Dolphins have shown a very intricate defense that is succeeding at disguising what they do to confuse opposing quarterbacks. That should give us some concern with Lock who has the tendency to go to his first read no matter what the defense calls.

Denver’s defense has played well early in games, but the time of possession early in games has worn them down leading to multiple scores late. They have given up 30 or more points in multiple games this year.

Broncos-Dolphins live updates