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11 winners, 1 loser, 1 both in the Broncos 20-13 win over the Dolphins

It feels good to watch the Broncos win again. Enjoy it.

If you’re confused about how you are feeling right now, that’s OK. The Denver Broncos won a game.

They overcame some big errors, and Drew Lock came back from an early interception to settle in and lead the Broncos (4-6) to the 20-13 victory over the Miami Dolphins (6-4).

The defense bottled up Tua Tagovailoa for most of the game. Even with some struggles in key positions, Denver was able to do just enough to get notch another W in its record.


Phillip Lindsay

After the Las Vegas Raiders game where Lindsay was essentially held out, he came back with a big day. He finished with 16 carries for 82 yard and a couple of big runs. He continues to prove he is the Broncos spark plug on offense. He makes big plays in big moments. He holds onto the football. He’s often the best offensive player on the field.

The Offensive Line

As a much maligned unit, the line came out ready to roll. Pulls, pancakes, pushing the line. It was a big day for the whole line. Lloyd Cushenberry III gets an honorable mention here. He has had his issues, but he anchored the line, made some big plays, and was a big part of the success in the running game. By the way, Denver ran for 189 yards, and averaged 5.7 yards per carry. That’s a big day for the whole line.

Garett Bolles

More than just an honorable mention here, Bolles gets the full treatment. Again, mistake free football. He’s the bulldozer that opened up a big hole on one of Lindsay’s big runs. He keeps proving week in and week out that he has grown into a true NFL left tackle.

Justin Simmons

He should have had two interceptions, but the one that counted was a game saver. He led the team in tackles and two passes defensed. Huge game. Pay that man.

Malik Reed

One and a half sacks. Three QB hits. A constant nuisance in the Dolphins backfield. He played a great game.

DeShawn Williams

What a game. Three tackles. Three tackles for a loss. Two sacks. Another player who practically lived in the Miami backfield.

Noah Fant

The tight end is a nice security blanket for Lock. His 4 catches on 5 targets for 55 yards were a big part of the Broncos being able to keep drives going.

Drew Lock

He played well. It wasn’t perfect, but after a bad interception at the beginning of the game, he could have faltered. Instead, he stepped up, made some good plays, and led his team to a win. His last pass skews his numbers, but this isn’t about stats. This is about wins. He did what was necessary. Gotta give the kid credit.

Vic Fangio

The defense was ready to play. The offense was solid. Gotta give him a win.

Pat Shurmur

All I heard all week leading up to the game was amoeba. The Miami defense was going to eat the Broncos offense alive. Lock was going to collapse. Well, Shurmur put together a game plan that worked pretty well.

Broncos Country

It feels good to watch the Broncos win. Enjoy it!


Melvin Gordon

Usually, two TDs gets you a spot on the winners list. Usually. This time, though, Gordon has to be put here. Sure, he was a big part of the Broncos offense. Had a great game, except for a fumble on his way into the end zone. He could have iced the game with a TD. Instead, he gave life to the Dolphins, and the defense had to make one last stand to save the win.


A.J. Bouye

It was not a great game for Bouye. His phantom hold (not his fault) cost Simmons an interception. He gave up some big plays to DeVante Parker, including a TD. This was probably his worst game as a Bronco.