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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: Referees still love the Pittsburgh Steelers

The Denver Broncos moved out of the 20s this week after an improbably comeback win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Here are your Week 9 power rankings.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos survived to stay in these power rankings conversations for another week. There are a slew of teams within one game of .500 all fighting for position for the late season push. Unfortunately for Denver, they will need to get on a winning streak as they have the 10th best record in the AFC right now. With the 2-6 Atlanta Falcons up next, Denver does have a chance to fight back to .500 next week.

Not much has changed overall in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers got Delvin Cook’d last week and there are some worrisome issues with the Baltimore Ravens. Overall, you can still see which teams are likely going to make the playoffs. Any team in the Top 10 here is likely going to be around in the playoff discussion in December.

I caught parts of the Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Baltimore Ravens and all I have to say about that game is that the referees were very generous to the team that won that game. As a fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing my Broncos get those types of calls on game day.

NFL Power Rankings - Week 9

Rank Team Record
Rank Team Record
1 Pittsburgh Steelers 7-0
2 Kansas City Chiefs 7-1
3 Seattle Seahawks 6-1
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-2
5 Buffalo Bills 6-2
6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2
7 Arizona Cardinals 5-2
8 New Orleans Saints 5-2
9 Green Bay Packers 5-2
10 Indianapolis Colts 5-2
11 Tennessee Titans 5-2
12 Los Angeles Rams 5-3
13 Cleveland Browns 5-3
14 Chicago Bears 5-3
15 Miami Dolphins 4-3
16 San Francisco 49ers 4-4
17 Las Vegas Raiders 4-3
18 Philadelphia Eagles 3-4-1
19 Denver Broncos 3-4
20 Detroit Lions 3-4
21 Carolina Panthers 3-5
22 Cincinnati Bengals 2-5-1
23 Minnesota Vikings 2-5
24 Los Angeles Chargers 2-5
25 New England Patriots 2-5
26 Washington Football Team 2-5
27 Atlanta Falcons 2-6
28 Dallas Cowboys 2-6
29 Houston Texans 1-6
30 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-6
31 New York Giants 1-7
32 New York Jets 0-8