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Why are Broncos players even talking about the fans?

Phillip Lindsay got asked about the fans booing post game, and I’m still scratching my head about why he’d even talk about it.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Look fans, I get it. The team is young and they don’t like all the heat from us in the media, the fans in the stands, and other teams they play against all dogging them.

But why in the world is Phillip Lindsay even giving questions about the fans booing the time of day. From his comments post-game:

“...The fans want to see stuff but also the fans have to understand that we feed off that stuff. When you’re negative, it’s hard to go out there and play for negative fans. But when you’re positive and stuff like that, it makes you want to go out there and play for them. That’s how it is.”

First off, my dude, you get paid to play football. Why in the world do you even care whether or not a fan is cheering or booing? Do you really need that as motivation to play well or play poorly?

I just think that for someone who’s profession is to play football, they wouldn’t really need a cheering section in order to do their job. If that was the case, how would they ever win a game when they are on the road?

He also threw some nonsense shade about fans not being capable of playing football. Uhm...newsflash Lindsay, only a fraction of a percentage of people are capable of playing NFL football.

They may not be able to play football, but I can tell you what the fans are capable of. They are capable of paying hundreds of dollars for tickets to go to the game and have the privilege to cheer or boo you. They are capable of paying absolutely obnoxious amounts of money for food and beverages while at the game. They also are capable of buying merchandise both NFL and otherwise that helps the monetary machine that is the business of NFL football.

So honestly, can we can it about fans booing? I dare you to honestly watch that first half of football by our offense and tell me with a straight face that fans shouldn’t boo about that. It was an atrocity of ineptitude. The Broncos ran for all of two yards in the first half (minus 12 a yard by Phillip himself on two carries).

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