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Can the Broncos capitalize on their comeback win?

They will have to carry over their play to grab a win in Atlanta

There is just a lot going on in Broncos Country right now. COVID-19 seems to be a problem for the organization. Players are arguing with fans about being booed. Questions still swirl around the offensive issues. That’s just a short list. We are dealing with a lot of stuff right now.

Coming off an incredible comeback win over the Chargers, the question has to be, can Drew Lock and the Broncos capitalize on their Mile High Magic finish?

With the Atlanta Falcons struggles, this seems like a perfect opportunity for Denver to take another step forward, and get another win. With problems closing out games that might eclipse the problems the Chargers have, no matter what, the Broncos will never be out of this game.

That is not to say that Atlanta won’t have the firepower to put up big numbers. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are still one of the best QB/WR tandems in the NFL. Todd Gurley has been good enough that he scores touchdowns even when he doesn’t want to.

Ever since Raheem Morris took over for Dan Quinn the Falcons have been able to string a couple wins together. The Broncos are carrying momentum into the game after the excitement of Week 8. Can they use that as a catalyst and take that with them to Atlanta?

The momentum that could get carried over will hopefully show itself early on. Even though the Falcons have given up some big leads this season, a comeback win is much more difficult on the road.

Pat Shurmur is going to need to create a game plan that helps Lock and the rest of the offense strike early. Incorporating more Phillip Lindsey early. Getting Noah Fant and Albert Okwuegbunam on the field at the same time. Splash plays, and ball control.

The Broncos have a chance to continue to silence the doubters. They seem very keen on making a big deal about that right now. A win in Atlanta over a struggling Falcons team would help accomplish that goal.