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Broncos at Falcons third quarter recap

The Atlanta Falcons extend their lead to 27-6 through three quarters over the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos received the ball first to start the second half to try and pick up the pieces of what was a disaster of a first half. Tyrie Cleveland returned the ball out to the 23 yard line.

Drew Lock found Jerry Jeudy on the first play for an 11 yard gain despite fumbling the ball out of bounds. After a short three yard gain by Phillip Lindsay, Lock went back to Jeudy and overthrew him. The Broncos got their first penalty break as the Atlanta Falcons were called for pass interference on Jeudy. The result of the call brought the Broncos across midfield to the Falcons 40 yard line.

Lindsay took the next hand off inside for a six yard gain. After another short gain by Lindsay, Lock found Tim Patrick for a nine yard gain and a critical third down conversion to the Falcons 25 yard line.

Lock went to the end zone on the next play to Patrick who was barely unable to catch the ball. On second down, the Broncos predictably run the ball inside for a couple of yards. That would lead to another failed third down and a field goal attempt by the Broncos.

Falcons 20, Broncos 6.

The Broncos defense decided to help the offense out with a Justin Simmons interception deep. It was basically a punt with the Broncos starting from their own 25 yard line.

Disaster nearly struck on their first play when Drew Lock had the ball knocked out, but a replay showed it was a forward incomplete pass. On third and seven, Lock tried to run for the first down and was easily tackled short to bring out the punt unit for another Broncos three and out.

The Falcons made them pay on their next drive capping it with a 21-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones. The drive was aided by two unnecessary roughness penalties.

Falcons 27, Broncos 6.

The Broncos offense nearly went three and out again, but rookie tight end Albert Okwuegbunam caught a pass at the sticks and fought for the first down. Unfortunately, he went down clutching his knee in agony. The injury looked like it could be very serious. He was able to walk off the field under his own power, but word on his injury status would likely come post-game.

Drew Lock would be called for an intentional grounding penalty to put the Broncos into a second and 21 situation. Many would tweet “here comes a run play” and shurmur enough there was a Melvin Gordon run play to get a few yards back. On third and 13, Lock would throw it short outside to Noah Fant for a minimal gain and a punt.

The third quarter came to end with the Broncos offense doing things - positive things. Back to back completions from Drew Lock to Jerry Jeudy had the Broncos down to the Falcons 35 yard line.