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Broncos still have narrow path to playoffs

The Denver Broncos will need to win out and have a ton of things happen in perfect succession over the next three weeks to make the playoffs.

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

With the Baltimore Ravens winning last night, the Denver Broncos path to the playoffs is as narrow as it gets and likely ends next week. However, rather than do another draft position post (they currently sit at 13th overall), I figured it would be ideal to get one playoff picture post in before the end of the season.

Using ESPN’s playoff simulator, I think I determined the most likely path to a playoff berth for the Broncos and it involves a lot of unlikely scenarios. First and foremost, the Broncos must win out to finish 8-8. Then they need a lot of other things to happen.

  • Ravens lose final three games
  • Dolphins lose final three games
  • Raiders lose two of three, with their one win coming against the Dolphins
  • Patriots must not win out

There you have it. Easy. All four teams in that scenario would finish 8-8 with the Broncos owning the tiebreakers and squeezing into the seventh seed.

Of course, if the Ravens beat the Jacksonville Jaguars next week its all over anyway. But for now, the Broncos are in the hunt!

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