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Drew Lock’s growth as a quarterback took a huge leap on Sunday

Sunday was not only Drew Lock’s best statistical game of his career, but it was also his best game mechanically as an NFL quarterback.

Sunday was Drew Lock’s best game of his career. He hit on nearly everything. From short passes to the deep ball, Drew Lock was on fire for the Denver Broncos during their 32-27 win over the Carolina Panthers. He had a couple of bad throws, but he finished 21/27 for 280 yards and four touchdowns.

Ryan Edwards and Ben Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight invited Tim Jenkins to talk quarterbacks on Monday night and he liked what he saw from the Broncos on Sunday. Overall Jenkins like what he saw from Lock and there was tons of growth there.

“There was a lot of really good stuff and not just stat line, more of, hey, he’s in the right spot and making the right decisions,” Jenkins said on air. “That’s, I think if your Broncos Country, what you want to see ... if he can continuously put his eyes in the right spots he’s going to be really, really special down the stretch.”

His point there was that we all love the four touchdown no interception type games, but the more important aspect of Lock’s growth comes down to his throwing mechanics and how he uses his eyes to manipulated defenders before he makes his decision to throw the ball.

Be sure to follow Jenkins. He does some great breakdowns on quarterback play on his YouTube account. His latest on Lock’s game against the Panthers is really great content for Broncos fans.