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Drew Lock is the Broncos future ... for now

As the 2020 season wraps up, it’s safe to say Lock is locked in for 2021, with some reservations

How many pictures of Drew Lock can one site have on their front page? Right now, if you are doing anything related to the Denver Broncos, Lock is part of the conversation.

Rightfully, so. In Broncos Country, it’s pretty simple, a good QB makes this a playoff team. The year 2020 has not been the year many had hoped, but the final 3 games of the season will be important for the growth of the offense, not just Lock.

But he’s the focal point. The lynchpin. Weapons abound on the offensive side of the ball. Even through all the injuries, the Broncos have enough firepower to hang with almost any team in the NFL. The problem has been the guy slinging the gun.

Ian St. Clair and I discussed the Broncos QB situation, and the future of the franchise on the MHR Radio Podcast. With the Buffalo Bills next on the list, the comparison to Josh Allen seems appropriate. I’m someone who has made that comparison. It’s not appropriate in the slightest.

The thing we all want to do is point to Allen’s struggles, the consistency of the coaching staff, and the willingness to go through the growing pains. If we could all just be a little more patient, we could have that, too.

But, no, it isn’t that simple. For one thing, watching Drew Lock and Josh Allen is like watching completely different species. Allen is faster, bigger arm, more accurate, and obviously an NFL QB. Lock is not so obvious.

Talent isn’t the issue. It goes deeper than that. Lock’s issues might be fixable. He was legitimately good against the Panthers. You could argue that he was the reason the Broncos won.

I don’t want this to turn into a QB wins argument, but teams with good QB play have a much higher chance of winning. It’s the reason the Packers, Chiefs, Saints, Seahawks, and the Steelers are always near the top of the league.

Yes, a good defense and a solid running game can be almost as valuable as good QB. We know first hand what a great defense can deliver. But we also know first hand how a great QB can carry a franchise on his back for years.

That is what we want from Lock. Can he provide that? I don’t know. What I think I know is that he has three games in 2020 to try and build up some confidence. He will hold the fate of the team in his hands in 2021, as well.

Whether or not they beat the Bills, finish 5-11 or 8-8, the Drew Lock era will continue. We can all hope for a Josh Allen-type ascendancy, but be prepared for a Mitchell Trubisky dive. Both are possible.