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Will Drew Lock take what the defense gives him?

Ryan and Ben discuss the QB with PFF’s George Chahrouri.

A big part of the evaluation of Drew Lock has to be about play calling and execution. The Denver Broncos 2nd year QB’s stats have been rough all year. However, the Panthers game was different in a big way. George Chahrouri of PFF joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight to discuss Lock and the offense, among other things.

Chahrouri started off by making the observation that Lock’s depth of pass average has been well over 10 yards the entire season season. That’s a lot of hero balls. Chahrouri noted that i leads to turnover worthy plays, of which Lock has 19 this season.

Against the Panthers Lock’s depth to target was just 7.4 yards per pass. While that can be translated as more of a dink and dunk style, it can also be a situation where Lock was recognizing what was available, and taking advantage.

As the debate around Lock continues, his growth in that area would point toward him getting better at the position. Playing the Bills defense will be a much tougher task compared to the Panthers defense. It will be a chance for Lock to continue to grow into the position.

Lock’s counterpart for the Bills in Josh Allen struggled when he came into the league. They definitely had some similar issues. Drew Lock and Josh Allen are not exactly comparable, and trying to make that argument is not worthy of our time.

However, the patience that the Bills showed with Allen might be the best thing Denver could take away from these comparisons. Buffalo is currently being rewarded for their patience. Will Denver? I don’t know, but Lock keeps showing the potential is there.

Can he, and Pat Shurmur, capitalize on the potential? Or will Broncos Country find themselves back in QB No Man’s Land in 2021?

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