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Broncos vs. Bills score predictions: Can Denver pull off the big upset?

The Denver Broncos are huge six point underdogs at home to the Buffalo Bills. Can they pull off the upset and steal a win on Saturday?

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are coming off their best offensive performance of the 2020 season, but will face a much tough test this week in the 10-3 Buffalo Bills. As six-point home underdogs, they will need to play their best football to pull off this huge upset on Saturday.

However, there is much for us fans in Broncos Country to be encouraged by from last week. Drew Lock had the best game of his career and if he can continue playing that kind of football the Broncos will have a shot to win this game. Collectively, we think it’ll be a close one. The Bills still pull it out with a 28-24 win over the Broncos.

Not all of us predicted a Broncos loss, so here is how we saw things individually.

Bills 23, Broncos 20

The Broncos offense finally put together a solid performance last week scoring 32 points, but that was against a very bad Carolina Panthers defense. Things are going to be far more difficult against the Buffalo Bills. I still think the Broncos defense will keep the score respectable, but Drew Lock will not have a big statistical day. Denver will rely on its run game and ultimately have a chance to win late, but will fall short against a playoff-bound Buffalo Bills team. - Tim Lynch

Broncos 34, Bills 30

This game’s not easy to figure, and it all hinges on Lock and the offense. We’ll either suffer young team inconsistency and get rolled, or we’ll carry the momentum from Carolina and end up in something of a shootout. Either way, the secondary is so thin that holding Josh Allen & company in check for 60 minutes seems improbable. I’ll err toward progress and hope: Broncos 34, Bills 30. - Taylor Kothe

Bills 37, Broncos 30

Josh Allen has turned into what some thought he could turn into when he was playing at Wyoming, a rocket-armed QB who is almost impossible to tackle and who makes the right decisions with the football. Our depleted secondary will try to slow the Bills offense, but they will fail. Thankfully, our offense will continue performing and this will become a shootout similar to the games that the Bills played against the Rams (35-32 win), Cardinals (32-30 win) and the Seahawks (44-34 win). The Bills will pull out the win on a final drive that our defense is helpless to stop. - Joe Mahoney

Broncos 29, Bills 12

On the MHR Radio Podcast, I just couldn’t bring myself to give the Broncos a fighting chance. However, after some consideration, I have to change my mind. The Broncos player really well against the Panthers, and Pat Shurmur and Drew Lock look like they are finally getting in synch. The defense is still one of the best in the NFL, which means Denver has a shot in every game. I think they show up big, and give Josh Allen fits. I also think Melvin Gordon is going to have a career day, and Jerry Jeudy is going to have his biggest game as a Bronco. Give this one to Denver. - Adam Malnati

Bills 31, Broncos 17

While the fan in my hopes I’m wrong, my gut is telling me this is the week that reality comes busting down the Broncos recent lifted spirits. The Broncos are facing a fully functional NFL team with a strong quarterback, dangerous offense, and solid defense. The hope has to be that the run game gets going for the Broncos as that’s the only thing that looks to have a chance of getting the Broncos the W. But look for the Broncos passing game to struggle. - Sadaraine

Bills 31, Broncos 17

On paper, the Bills represent the best remaining test for this Broncos’ team. They have an MVP contender at QB and look like they’ll have his full slew of weapons. Meanwhile the Denver defense will enter the game with Will Parks as a starter after he signed two weeks ago. The Broncos only have three remaining members of the secondary who have played 17% or more of the defensive snaps this year: Justin Simmons, Kareem Jackson, and Michael Ojemudia. There’s a clear mismatch in the secondary Fangio will need to protect in addition to finding a way to slow down one of the best red zone offenses in the league.

I suspect this will put more pressure on Lock and the Broncos offense than anything they dealt with in Carolina. On top of that, Leslie Frazier’s defense is getting healthy at the right time and actually have a functional pass defense.

It’ll be exciting to watch this tape in order to evaluate the growth of Lock and the young pieces, but on this side of it I have a hard time seeing how they keep the lid on Stefon Diggs. Hope I’m wrong, but I’m going Bills 31, Broncos 17. - Joe Rowles

Bills 34, Broncos 24

I’m with Sadaraine on this. The fan in me wants to hope, especially with the last four years and how well Lock and the Broncos looked last week, but unless Champ Bailey or Louis Wright line up at cornerback, I don’t see how the Broncos pull this one off. If Lock and the Broncos can a find a way to keep pace with Allen and the Bills, they have a shot, but I think they come up just a bit short. - Ian St. Clair

Give us your Broncos-Bills score predictions in the comments section below.