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Congratulations to Garett Bolles

Thoughts on the Broncos extending Bolles’ contract and other NFL news.

New Orleans Saints v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

With all the nonsense regarding the Broncos QB situation this past weekend, it feels like the news of the Garett Bolles extension has kind of flown under the radar.

As one of the writers here who has in the past few years poured on quite a high level of criticism of Bolles’ play, I thought it would be appropriate to congratulate him on the extension.

We talk smack on the coaching, the QBs, the mess that is the Denver Broncos, but not for one second this season have I even started to think that Bolles was a factor in any loss the Broncos have incurred. As a matter of fact, he’s looked hands-down like the best player of the offensive line without question most of the time.

I don’t know if is Mike Munchak, Bolles being in a contract year, or just grit and hard work on Bolles’ part - or all three. All I ever do is tell you what my eyes see, and he’s absolutely positively killing it on the football field. This extension is looking like one of Elway’s best moves as a GM short of the Peyton Manning signing.

Congratulations, Garett and a big Mile High Salute from all of us in Broncos Country!

Broncos News:

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Other NFL News:

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