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Broncos strength of schedule will negatively impact their 2021 NFL Draft order

The Denver Broncos will lose any tiebreaker with another team with the same record when the 2021 NFL Draft order is set.

NFL Combine - Day 1 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos were blown out on Saturday by the Buffalo Bills and despite multiple teams winning over the week to bring the total number of 5-9 teams to six, Denver would pick later than all of them due to strength of schedule.

Only one other team has a tough strength of schedule than the Broncos and that is the 1-13 New York Jets who have faced an even tougher gauntlet of games in 2020 than Denver has.

There are 13 teams that have a 5-9 record or worse, which means Denver would hold the 13th overall pick if the season if the season ended now. With the way this 2020 rollercoaster is going, I could see Denver both winning out and losing out at this point so who knows where they’ll end up when its all said and done.

Here is the current draft order according to Tankathon for the first 15 picks.

Current 2021 NFL Draft Order

Pick Team Record SOS
Pick Team Record SOS
1 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-13 .556
2 New York Jets 1-13 .598
3 Cincinnati Bengals 3-10-1 .533
4 Carolina Panthers 4-10 .531
5 Atlanta Falcons 4-10 .536
6 Dolphins via Texans 4-10 .551
7 Philadelphia Eagles 4-9-1 .529
8 Dallas Cowboys 5-9 .475
9 Los Angeles Chargers 5-9 .484
10 New York Giants 5-9 .502
11 Detroit Lions 5-9 .509
12 San Francisco 49ers 5-9 .547
13 Denver Broncos 5-9 .558
14 Minnesota Vikings 6-8 .504
15 New England Patriots 6-8 .522