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How did Drew Lock do against the Buffalo Bills?

Let’s find out how Drew Lock did against the Buffalo Bills. Did he take a huge step back or was it a mixed bag?

Buffalo Bills v Denver Broncos Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

When it comes to breaking down Drew Lock and his progress, the least biased mind out there right now might be Tim Jenkins. He was essentially unaffiliated with the Denver Broncos, the fan base, or Drew Lock, but since his company Jenkins Elite is Colorado-based he kind of arrived on the scene midseason as the questions and concerns around Drew Lock really began to come to a head. h

He told us last week on Something Something Broncos that when he watched his first tape on Lock after his play during the Atlanta Falcons game he was hugely concerned. Lock was missing basic concepts quarterbacks learn in high school, but has seen incredible improvement over his game in the last month and that should have us feeling good about things.

That all culminated with Lock’s career performance against the Carolina Panthers, but then the Buffalo Bills blew them out 48-19 on Saturday. Our friends Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright over at Broncos Country Tonight had Jenkins on their show Monday night to talk Drew Lock and his play against the Bills to answer whether or not he had a bad game.

The biggest message from their show is that fans need to be patient and let Drew Lock continue to progress. Jenkins is pretty convinced that Lock is trending in the right direction and that we’ll start liking what we see from him as he gets more and more experience playing.

Jenkins also broke down Lock’s play during the Bills game this week on his YouTube channel.

The answer was yes, Lock took a step back. However, Jenkins is convinced he is seeing enough progression and growth from the young quarterback to caution patience as he works at it.

My only worry is that we’re pulling for a journeyman serviceable backup type career quarterback than a 10 year NFL starter. The 2021 season might be when we’ll all know for sure where Drew Lock’s career arc is headed.


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