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A Broncos Country draft flight of fancy

Joining in the discussion, just how much would it take to trade for the first pick in the 2021 draft?

What would you give up to be able to draft Trevor Lawrence?

It’s a popular discussion in Broncos Country right now. On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I decided to tackle one of the questions around Denver’s current QB situation.

Let’s establish here that I do not believe John Elway would entertain this, but it sure is an interesting thought exercise.

How much would you give up for the rights to draft Trevor Lawrence? Everyone has a limit. For me, the number is astronomical. The next 10 first round picks. Throw in some second rounders if necessary. Mortgage the franchise. It does not matter.

There have been a few QBs that were obvious generational picks in the NFL. John Elway was the first player to carry that weight. Peyton Manning was the next guy who was a consensus franchise altering player. Andrew Luck was the last. Not a bad list, even with Luck bowing out early.

Lawrence is the next guy on that list. No matter how much you liked guys like Baker Mayfield, or Josh Allen, or “insert number one pick overall here” Lawrence ranks higher. Which is why I would be willing to part with a plethora of top picks to ensure those rights.

But it will never happen. I don’t care what you offer the Jaguars or Jets, whoever ends up with the top pick. They will never trade away the rights to draft a player that could change the trajectory of the franchise like Lawrence will.

Nothing will tip the scales in any team’s favor. And so, 2021 is likely a return to the Drew Lock show.