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There is no right answer at quarterback for Broncos Country

There’s really no wrong answer either.

Ready for another Drew Lock article? Right now, in Broncos Country it’s practically unavoidable. But whether you find yourself arguing for another year of Lock, or hoping the Broncos move on, you can rest assured ...

You’re not wrong.

With all the discussions around Lock, I mentioned to Ian St. Clair on the MHR Radio Podcast that no one is wrong.

Go with me on this. As has been the case for Broncos Country since the departure of Peyton Manning, there has always been a QB controversy. However, for the first time, the controversy really only includes one guy.

And so we all find ourselves setting up shop, making a statement, and defending our position. It’s inevitable that we would all be stuck in this position. Until there’s truly an answer at the QB position, there is no other question that matters (aside from the ownership stuff, but that’s a different article). That’s especially true heading into Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

Let’s start with the positive. As in, those in Broncos Country who are positive Lock just ain’t it. What has he done to prove he’s the future? He’s got bad footwork. He struggles to read a defense. Going through progressions is non-existent. He seems to shrink against playoff-caliber teams. He’s late on his throws. He’s not great at making quick decisions.

You get the idea. If you see all this and think it’s time for John Elway to shake another tree, and swing for a different QB, you’re right. All those complaints and observations are valid.

Now, those of you who are members of the Wait-and-See tribe, I can understand that point of view. There are so many variables that factor into Lock’s struggles.

Changing the offensive coordinator may have been detrimental to Lock’s development. Throw in a lost offseason, with no OTAs or training camp, and you can see why this season went sideways fast.

Add to that, losing Courtland Sutton early in the season. Mix in a little bit of injury time for Lock, and this recipe is starting to build to a nice disaster soufflé. And what does a soufflé do when it gets hit? It collapses.

It’s not like Lock hasn’t had his moments. The comeback win against the Chargers was nice. He played well against the Dolphins. His best game might have been in Foxboro against the Patriots if it hadn’t been for some bad drops. They were a Jerry Jeudy drop away from potentially beating the Titans.

If you are pointing to the progression of Josh Allen as an example of what could happen with Lock, great. That’s a really good example of patience paying off for the Bills.

Or, you could look at the Cardinals. Arizona is probably very happy they moved on from Josh Rosen early, and grabbed Kyler Murray.

There really are no certainties. I like Lock. I, like almost all of us, am rooting for him to succeed. I want what the Bills have in Josh Allen. A reward for our patience.

But if John Elway decides to make a splash in the draft and go get a guy like Zach Wilson from BYU, I’d be fine with that. Or, if he made a trade for Matthew Stafford, I’m in.

I’ve decided not to pick a side.

I have said several times, and I am not alone in this, that Elway will be sticking with Lock in 2021. That would be a huge mistake, and he isn’t wrong. I guess we will find out.