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Time for Broncos Country to start looking at the draft

George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben on BCT and got around to talking about the NFL Draft

The conversation is starting to turn towards the draft in the NFL. Ryan and Ben were joined by George Chahrouri of PFF on Broncos Country Tonight. Eventually, they got around to an interesting point about the draft.

If the Jets are still in the second pick, Ben believes they will look to move out. This means running it back with Sam Darnold and a whole new coaching staff and front office. It also means building through the draft, expecting a significant haul from whoever they get a deal done with.

For Chahrouri, the notion of the Jets trading out of the second pick, opens the possibility of the 49ers moving up to get BYU QB Zach Wilson. But what about Denver?

Look, I get it. The cost to move up and take a chance on another QB, while Drew Lock is still in the mix might seem like too much. Maybe it is. I don’t know.

What I do know is that John Elway is heading into his last year under contract with the Broncos. He might finish out his deal and sail into retirement. The question would have to be, what will his parting shot be?

Could it be a continuation of the growth of Drew Lock, or perhaps a big move in the draft to grab another QB and try and build from there?

Bonus Listen

Michael Ojemudia jumped on with Ryan and Ben. The went over the upcoming game against the Chargers, and how he is progressing in his rookie season.