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Broncos at Chargers second quarter recap

The Los Angeles Chargers extend their lead over the Denver Broncos as they head into halftime.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Facing a 3rd and nine, Drew Lock fired a bullet to Jerry Jeudy down the middle of the field for a first down and into field goal range for the Denver Broncos.

Two plays later, Lock was against faced with a third and nine. This time he is hit has he threw and the ball was almost intercepted again.

Instead, Brandon McManus came out to tie the game up. He would miss, but an offsides penalty on the Los Angeles Chargers gave him a second shot. However, McManus missed the second kick too to keep the Chargers in front 3-0.

The Chargers and Justin Herbert opened things up with back to back passes to Mike Williams to get them across midfield down to the Broncos 30 yard line. Two plays later, the Chargers were setup inside the red zone.

Herbert would find Austin Ekeler for the touchdown to put Los Angeles up by two scores.

Chargers 10, Broncos 0.

After a quick three and out for Drew Lock and the Broncos, the Chargers offense came out looking to increase that lead.

Denver had a chance to stop them near midfield on a third and eight, but they left a wide receiver wide open down the field for a 29 yard gain just outside the red zone.

DeShuan Williams had his face mask nearly ripped off, which set the Chargers back to a 1st and 25. A quick strike outside for 14 yards and a rush for no gain brought up a third and 11 for the Chargers. Herbert went to Mike Williams, but Justin Simmons was all over it to break up the pass to force a field goal attempt.

Chargers 13, Broncos 0.

With just over two minutes to go in the half, Lock hit Noah Fant for a first down on their first play, then Melvin Gordon cut up inside for a 12 yard gain and another first down to bring things to the two minute warning.

The drive died from there as an errant pass to Jerry Jeudy was dropped and then an accurate pass to Jeudy was also dropped. Lock then went after Chris Harris Jr. who broke the pass up to force a punt. Harris let the Broncos sideline know not to throw his way after the play.

The Chargers appeared content to run out the clock from there taking a 13-0 lead into the half, but after getting a first down they began attacking down the field to quickly find themselves near midfield with 46 seconds to go in the half.

Malik Reed came up big from there with a strip-sack that was recovered by Los Angeles for a huge loss. The Chargers downed it from there to take them into halftime.