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Did Drew Lock have his best game yet against Chargers?

No, he didn’t. However, he continued to grow and despite the loss there were several bright spots for Drew Lock.

Thanks in large part to Jerry Jeudy’s very rough game, Drew Lock had a much better performance against the Los Angeles Chargers than his stats would indicate. Ryan Edwards and Ben Allbright discussed this with Tim Jenkins on Monday in the clip above.

Pro Football Focus called it Lock’s “best performance” of the year, but I would disagree with that. He had an up and down game even if you account for Jeudy’s drops. Much of Denver Broncos Twitter and Facebook since Sunday has spent their time using Jeudy as an excuse for the Broncos losing and while that played a part in it, there were many whiffs. Lock’s red zone interception, missed field goal, missed deep throws, and some lack of effort out there.

Jenkins in his weekly breakdown on Drew Lock also disagreed with PFF. However, he felt Lock is still growing as an NFL quarterback and preached patience with him through the end of 2021. His breakdown of the good and the bad really highlights how the Broncos lost that game against the Chargers too.