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Broncos Country survey shows low confidence in team for Week 13

The Denver Broncos had a rough week after the NFL screwed them over, but that didn’t keep fans from losing faith in 2020 overall.

Due to Thanksgiving, I was able to get this survey out last week. I ended up buried in posts that were due on Saturday, so this one ended up getting misses. Which is a shame, because the Denver Broncos whooped the Miami Dolphins the week before and, predictably, we saw a healthy bounce back to 51% confident in this survey.

Then the NFL decided to force Denver to play without a quarterback last week against the NFC-leading New Orleans Saints. In a game I believe the Broncos might have won had they had a quarterback on the roster, they were instead blown out 31-3 while completing just a single pass on the day.

I think a lot of us fans understood that situation for what it was - a lost cause - and held firm. We did not reach all-time lows, but it did go down. At this point, there might be a lot of fans who have packed it in for 2020 and looking ahead to next season. I certainly don’t fault them for it.

Where do you stand on the 2020 Broncos?