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Broncos at Chiefs score predictions: Can Denver win?

The Denver Broncos are two touchdown underdogs on the road to the Kansas City Chiefs. Can they shock the world and upset the defending Super Bowl champions?

We have to be realistic as fans.

The 2020 Denver Broncos are at least a year away from playoff contention and the 2020 Kansas City Chiefs are likely the best team in the NFL and on their way to a repeat Super Bowl championship.

On top of that, the Broncos have won only handful of games in Arrowhead during the month of December in their entire 60 year history. They are a woeful 3-18 all-time on the road in Kansas City once the calendar turns from November to December. Two of those December wins came with John Elway or Peyton Manning at quarterback.

So we have to be realistic with our score predictions here. We all hope for a win, but realistically I think we all know what is going to happen on Sunday. Collectively, we predict a 38-23 defeat and a 4-8 record.

Although one of us is thinking upset, so here is how we broke things out individually.

Chiefs 38, Broncos 16

Until Drew Lock can prove he can lead the Broncos to more than one touchdown against the Chiefs, I’m not going to predict he will. This is a big game for him. He has five games to show us that he can lead this team into 2021. I’m on the fence. He has shown his eyes are slow to see the plays develop and has been unable to consistently get to his second read when his first read is covered. That might not be something you can coach him into. We’ll just have to continue waiting and seeing if things get better there. Damn the Chiefs are good too... - Tim Lynch

Broncos 34, Chiefs 33

Call me crazy, but there’s just something that keeps telling me this game isn’t going to go the way we all think it is. I predicted a big win for KC on the MHR Radio Podcast, but with all the adversity that Denver has faced, culminating in the loss to the Saints, I think they are going to shock the world. Yes, the game is in KC. Yes, the Chiefs are probably the best team in the NFL. However, the time has come for Drew Lock to shine. It’s going to be a bit of a barn burner. - Adam Malnati

Chiefs 35, Broncos 21

Bryce Callahan’s absence will lead to 3rd conversions that would not have been were he playing. The Broncos will be competitive in this game for the first time in a long time vs KC, but they will fall short as our inconsistent offense will lead to the defense being worn down by the 4th quarter. KC will put this away for a couple of run-heavy 4th quarter drives that will lead to 10 points. Broncos lose 35-21 after staying close for three quarters. The Chiefs will end with more than 200 yards rushing just like the Chargers, Raiders and Saints did against us. - Joe Mahoney

Chiefs 41, Broncos 16

The Broncos are a chaotic mess, stumbling through the season with important players missing all over the roster. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are purring along like a brand new sports car- and with an offense just as fast. And they’ll be at home.

I’d like to be optimistic, but with an away game against the most dangerous team in the league with the Broncos in the state they are... this will get ugly. - Taylor Kothe

Chiefs 43, Broncos 17

As much as I want the Broncos to cover on Sunday night, there’s just no way it’s remotely possible. The gap between these two teams is larger than Andy Reid’s waistline. Maybe this can serve as the pick that reverses this ridiculous 10-game losing streak. Maybe? Also, pass me whatever Adam’s drinking. - Ian St. Clair

How do you think this Broncos-Chiefs game will go down? Give us your score predictions in the comments section below.