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Broncos unlikely to upset the Chiefs, but they could keep it surprisingly close

On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, the guys went “behind enemy lines” with the KC Star’s Blair Kerkhoff. He thinks Sunday’s game could be closer than expected.

A lot of people have the outcome as a foregone conclusion.

Look no further than the current spread between the Denver Broncos (4-7) and Kansas City Chiefs (10-1). As of now, it would just be nice to have a close game let alone a win.

I’m hopeful, but the last 10-games and five-plus years have beat me down.

But as the saying goes, any given Sunday.

On Friday’s Broncos Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright do as they normally do and went “behind enemy lines.” This week, they do so with the Kansas City Star’s Blair Kerkhoff. For his lead into the first question, Ryan went with foregone the conclusion route, especially in KC.

“Yeah, I think so,” Kerkhoff told the guys. “In Kansas City and with bookmakers, it’s a pretty big spread. But I don’t know, further examination of that first game they played, the Broncos certainly out-stated the Chiefs in a lot of places. But the (scoreboard) margin was wide and the Broncos failed on a couple of returns. I don’t know, I look at this thing and I thought (Vic) Fangio had a good Xs and Os game plan. And I’ll tell you what, the Broncos, more than most teams, get pressure on (Patrick) Mahomes and disrupt him in a way that others don’t. The Chiefs are the better team. I’m not thinking upset, but I’m thinking maybe closer than expectations.”

Bonus listen

MHR’s Jeff Essary joined the guys to discuss the importance of the Broncos sticking to their plan and what we hope to see them in Kansas City.