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9 winners, 2 both, 1 loser in the Broncos 22-16 loss to the Chiefs

The Broncos not only kept it close throughout the game, they had a legitimate shot to win it. That’s a positive.

No one likes a loss.

No one is happy about the outcome.


That’s especially true when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs (FUKC). It’s now at 11-straight losses.

However, you can feel surprisingly optimistic about the Denver Broncos after their 22-16 loss on Sunday night. If you bet on the Broncos to cover, you’re incredibly happy after this showing. Perhaps that shows how bad it’s become in Broncos Country, but I prefer to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

The positive isn’t exactly forced, though. You can see some light in what has been a dark four-year tunnel of failure. When it comes to this rivalry, and the last three in particular, it hasn’t been close. The Broncos not only kept it close throughout the game, they had a legitimate shot to win it. I think Denver took a step or two in the right direction on Sunday.

Per the usual, I’m bound to forget someone, leave them off or put them in the wrong category, so please mention them in the comments.


Melvin Gordon

Gordon was a damn beast and fun watch. He finished with 131 yards on 15 carries, and probably could have had even more had the turf at Arrowhead not sucked so badly.

Tim Patrick

When you have four receptions and two go for touchdowns, you make the list. The second of Patrick’s touchdowns was a remarkable catch.

Broncos offensive line

Denver rushed for 179 yards on 33 carries. That alone would put this unit on the list. But the Broncos offensive line also didn’t give up a sack. The guys up front did their job on Sunday night.

Garett Bolles

Another great game from Denver’s franchise left tackle. That’s a sentence I never thought I would write, but it’s awesome to do so.

Broncos defense

Helluva game from Denver’s defense. The Broncos held Kansas City to 0-for-4 in the red zone and 3-of-10 on third down. About the only thing the unit didn’t do was create a turnover or two. However, great game from the defense. Imagine what the Broncos defense would like with Von Miller and Jurrell Casey. As for individual players ...

Shelby Harris

While Denver only had one sack, passes defended at the line of scrimmage are just as good. Harris had two of them. He also had two tackles. Pay. That. Man.

Kareem Jackson

As is customary, the Broncos safety was all over the field. He also came oh so close to a game-changing interception but Taylor Crelce made a great play. In case you didn’t hear him after the game, the Chiefs tight end referred to Denver as the Las Vegas Raiders. Anyway, Jackson led Denver with 10 tackles (eight solo).

Justin Simmons

Ho hum, just another eight tackles (five solo) and one tackle for loss. Pay. That. Man.

Michael Ojemudia

It’s not easy to play the Chiefs receivers, but the rookie held up quite well. As a matter fact, the same can be said about the Broncos secondary as a whole. And that’s without Bryce Callahan.


Drew Lock

Yes, Denver’s quarterback had two interceptions. But the way he played in between those picks was pretty solid. That’s why he’s both a winner and loser. Will it be enough going forward for the Broncos? I have no idea, but he was definitely better than the last two times he’s played Kansas City. Lock finished the game 15-for-28 passing for 151 yards, two touchdowns and those two picks. And don’t forget that Denver’s offense was 7-of-13 on third down, didn’t have a single three-and-out and was two-for-two in the red zone. That’s why Lock is a both when added with the interceptions.

K.J. Hamler

The rookie receiver flashed some of his speed that is a needed element for Denver’s offense. Why is Hamler a both? That drop in the fourth quarter that would have given the Broncos a huge first down. It was a tough catch, but he has to make that. Hamler finished with two catches for 16 yards and two carries for 13.


The Arrowhead turf

The players on both sides of the field should have worn ice skates or skis. Would Gordon not slipping have changed the outcome of the game? I have no idea, but players shouldn’t be sliding all over the turf in a NFL game.

As for the rest of the losers list, I don’t feel anyone else deserves to be on it. As I said, I’m focusing on the positive. And while a loss is still a loss, and you play to win the game, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.