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Broncos move up to 10th overall pick after Week 13 loss to Chiefs

Another week has gone by, and with it another Denver Broncos loss. They moved into the Top 10 as they head into Week 14 of the regular season.

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With four games left to play, we’ll be running these 2021 NFL Draft order updates every Tuesday. This will be the third time I’ve run this update. In case anyone shows up and thinks this is the first time.

Last week, the Denver Broncos were coming off a curb stomping to the New Orleans Saints. They held the 12th overall pick after that game due largely to the second strongest strength of schedule in the NFL this season. That hasn’t changed this week after losing to the now 11-1 Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the Broncos did move up a few spots thanks in large part of surprising upset wins by the Detroit Lions and the Washington Football Team. They now hold the 10th overall pick and will pay the Carolina Panthers next week who hold the 7th overall pick. Both teams are currently 4-8, so the winner will worsen their 2021 NFL Draft position come next week.

Here is your current 2021 NFL Draft order heading into Week 14.

Current 2021 NFL Draft Order

Pick Team Record SOS
Pick Team Record SOS
1 New York Jets 0-12 .598
2 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-11 .547
3 Cincinnati Bengals 2-9-1 .532
4 Los Angeles Chargers 3-9 .495
5 Dallas Cowboys 3-8 .487
6 Philadelphia Eagles 3-8-1 .535
7 Carolina Panthers 4-8 .536
8 Atlanta Falcons 4-8 .539
9 Miami Dolphins via Texans 4-8 .547
10 Denver Broncos 4-8 .565
11 Washington Football Team 5-7 .465
12 Detroit Lions 5-7 .505
13 Chicago Bears 5-7 .516
14 San Francisco 49ers 5-7 .534
15 Arizona Cardinals 6-6 .476
16 New England Patriots 6-6 .500