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The Broncos need big games from specific players to win

The MHR Radio Podcast discusses which players to watch moving forward.

Every week, Ian St. Clair and I record the MHR Radio Podcast and talk about players to watch. Sometimes it’s position groups. Sometimes it’s a coach. There are always obvious answers to the question, “who you watching this week?” And sometimes we pick guys you might not have thought about.

This week on offense, after an entire season of Drew Lock being the center of the Broncos universe, Ian mentioned him again. He’s clearly the PTW on offense for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other players to keep an eye on.

I talked about Phillip Lindsay. His use in the offense has been hit or miss, but when he is used, the Broncos offense finds success. If he and Melvin Gordon can be the 1-2 punch we would all like to see, Denver should be able to control the game and grab a win.

On defense Ian went with the whole defensive line. They have suffered injuries, and lost guys because of COVID. Shelby Harris’ return against the Chiefs showed how important he is to the defense. They can control a game, and will have to be excellent form to help the Broncos beat Christian McCaffrey and the Panthers.

For me, it’s the secondary. The AJ Bouye news aside, he has been inconsistent on the field, which has caused problems. No Bryce Callahan means young corners have to step into roles they might not be ready for. Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson are anchoring the unit, but how difficult will it be with all the issues facing this unit.

The Broncos should be able to give the Panthers a good game on Sunday. Which players will you be keeping your eye on this week?