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A Sunday without NFL football welcomes the 2020 season for Broncos.

...and just like that, the 2019 season was over.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

I would like to queue up some Boyz II Men and pour out a bomber of some gross malt liquor over the end of the 2019 season, but you’ll not get that from me.

With 5 preseason games to start the year, this was a season that felt like it was going to go on forever. In my life, I’d never been a part of three consecutive losing seasons and so it was a new experience for me to understand that the losing seasons streak would not be coming to a close this year.

For as terrible as those all those early games were, preseason and otherwise, the Broncos finished the season stronger than I could have imagined they would.

Vic Fangio was not Vance Joseph. He was not afraid to move elements around to make them work. It’s a credit to him that, despite such an awful skid to start the season he never let the game get the better of him, especially down the home stretch. It’s hard to know if Vic will pan out to be great, good, or otherwise, but I saw enough from him this season to know that he doesn’t take losing lightly. He’s not going to roll over and just let the losses come and wash him away.

The last few years, Broncos fans have, against their will, become experts on terrible quarterback play. Errant passes, awful sacks, questionable passes over the middle housed for touchdowns going the other way, we’ve seen it all and more. Drew Lock may be different. He’s unapologetically confident and appears to have the game to back it up. Granted, his sample size is unfortunately small, but it looks like there’s enough there to keep Broncos fans attentive going into next year.

While the league year doesn’t officially transition until next month, for all intents and purposes, the 2020 season has begun. The 2019 hopes for a better next year must now become reality. Next year is now and Denver has all the potential in the world to do great things.


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