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What to expect from Pat Shurmur’s offense

Jeff and Joe breakdown what Broncos fans can expect to see from Broncos’ offense this year, based on the last three seasons of Shurmur’s film.

Rich Scangarello is out, Pat Shurmur is in, but what does it really mean for the 2020 Broncos?

Get ready for more double slant slant/flat concepts Broncos Country.

For this week’s episode of Cover 2 Broncos, Jeff Essary and I took a look through Pat Shurmur’s modern offenses dating back to 2017 with the Vikings. We gathered insight into:

  • Should fans be worried about the year to year inconsistency?
  • Is it really a more aggressive offense?
  • How will the offense impact personnel?
  • Why Noah Fant will benefit more than most.
  • What about Drew Lock?
  • Why Andy Janovich is safe, but Andrew Beck could have a fight on his hands.
  • How many receivers does Shurmur carry? Tight ends? Fullbacks?
  • What does the change mean for the offensive line?
  • Will young receivers be able to make an early impact?
  • Is speed or the ability to separate more important for receivers?

We also share some of Shurmur’s favorite formations and concepts like the slot fade:

Thanks for listening.