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Pat Shurmur impressed with Drew Lock’s athleticism

The Broncos new offensive coordinator spoke about his excitement to work with the young QB.

Pat Shurmur was officially announced as Denver’s offensive coordinator on Friday, and he briefly mentioned how he was “very, very excited to be able to work with Drew Lock and really all the offensive players.”

Well, after that interview, KOA Insider, Brandon Krisztal caught up with the coach for a quick 1-on-1 interview in which they took a deeper dive into the specifics of what Shurmur sees in the young QB.

“I like the fact that he can move around. Aside from being able to throw the ball from the pocket, and really make all the throws, he’s got a really strong arm, you have to be able, in my opinion these days, be able to move around. Typically if there’s going to be a long scoring drive or an explosive play on the field, somewhere in there the quarterback has to do something with his legs.”

Mobility was also something we saw Daniel Jones utilize as well with Shurmur and the Giants last year, scoring two rushing touchdowns in one game last season, one of those being a designed QB run off of a read option.

Shurmur makes an interesting point about how in today’s NFL you need to have mobility, whether that’s to tuck and run for a first down when called for, or evade the pass rush and make a big throw downfield.

A quick survey across the young up and coming QBs across the league proves Shurmur’s point, at least anecdotally. DeShaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Josh Allen (although he’s more young than up and coming) and of course Lamar Jackson all make plays with their legs, either within the passing game, or to escape the pocket and carry the ball.

In addition to the physical traits, Shurmur also has noticed Drew Lock’s leadership ability and locker room chemistry with the players.

“He’s obviously got a lot of moxie. It appears like, by all indications, when he started playing last year the team kinda took to him and that’s an important piece in terms of leading the team as the quarterback.”

For all those reasons, I look forward to working with him.

And we look forward to watching Shurmur work with Lock.

Check out Brandon’s full interview with Pat Shurmur above, or here. It’s good stuff.