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Pondering NFL records and history

Thoughts about the NFL Hall of Fame, Steve Atwater, the recent statement by Mark Gastineau and other NFL News

NFL: FEB 01 NFL Honors Hall of Fame Photo by Rich Graessle/PPI/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Let me start by saying that Steve Atwater is irrefutably deserving of his recent election to the NFL Hall of Fame. Steve was the guy from the defense I wanted to be when I grew up as a young Bronco fan.

But something has been bugging me about his recent induction into the Hall of Fame and given that it is the offseason, I think it is worth getting it off my chest because I’m betting I’m not alone in this sentiment...which is this:

Why does a man of Steve Atwater’s caliber need to have entered into the fray of being a NFL media guy in order to get voted in?

I’m asking that question somewhat loudly, because when asked if he thought he wouldn’t have gotten in if he hadn’t had so much media exposure, here was his answer:

“Yes, I definitely think that. I think I was kind of fading away. I think that it would have just kind of just continued to happen, but because of me moving back to Denver good stuff happened. Also being affiliated with the team, having a job here...”

Again, don’t get me wrong. Steve Atwater belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame. I just wonder why the guy had to go to such lengths to get there and why does it need to be that way.

At the heart of it is that one truth I’ve learned in this world is that humans are fallible and when put in charge of noble things as a group, the vast majority have succumbed to corruption and doing a sub-par job. The fact that we have media professionals as the only type of voters that decide who does and doesn’t get in is in itself nonsense.

Why isn’t there representation of former players?

How about former coaches?

Can’t there be a better way to do this than to let the same group of dudes with the same historic group-think get in a room together every year so they can keep using their same misguided methods to vote guys in?

In reading the leading article in today’s news links, I was brought back to my Hall of Fame thoughts and why the NFL doesn’t do more to make sure things are done right.

Everyone who watched the last sack Michael Strahan got on Brett Favre knows it was nonsense. Look it up. Then come back and tell me with a straight face that there was nothing else Favre could have done.


I have no dog in the fight with Mark Gastineau and his record. But as a fan of the NFL, I know he’s right in what he’s saying. That record is his and no one has broken it yet.

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