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Thoughts on the AFC West

What are the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders up to anyway?

Indianapolis Colts v Denver Broncos

So what do you do when you’ve got nothing going on? Fire up social media to see what others are up to! With the Denver Broncos still mum on happenings with their unrestricted free agents, let’s see what others in the AFC West are up to.

Los Angeles Chargers

When the 2020 season starts, the Los Angeles Chargers will be playing in their new home, SoFi Stadium. After announcing their intent to go another direction at quarterback, it’ll be interesting to see what they do to entice an otherwise disinterested local fanbase to their new digs. I’m not going to say that Philip Rivers was the kind of draw that would attract fans to the stadium, but the draw of not Philip Rivers can’t help. It’s clear that they are banking on making a huge splash in the draft. Poor guy. Sitting there right now hoping not the be the one to have to come to grips with playing 16-away games a year.

Las Vegas Raiders

The perennial doormat of the AFC West will move into their impressive new home in the desert to start the 2020 season. They say the Black Hole will be be loud and proud in the new stadium, but don’t hold your breath. The NFL now has a Disneyland-like destination in Las Vegas and there will be no room for the rowdy stab-you-in-the-bathroom-with-a-screwdriver antics that excited fans back in Oakland. Visiting teams’ fans will now plan lavish vacations around going to see their team play (and likely beat) the Raiders. Whatever advantage the Raiders had back in the bay area with their empty, tarped off seats will be replaced by an unmanageable throng of visiting fans.

Then there’s Tom Brady. If he goes to Las Vegas, the declining system quarterback may struggle and will almost certainly fail to yield another Super Bowl. If he doesn’t go to Las Vegas, they’ve already driven a wedge into the best thing they have going with Derek Carr. I’m sure he’s excited to see a 2-year, $60-million contract being floated for a quarterback who isn’t him. If they sign Brady or don’t, rest assured that the Raiders have already screwed this up, just like the 2003-2019 seasons.

Kansas City Chiefs

What can I say about the Super Bowl Champion? How about... You guys keep partying and stay the heck away from Chris Harris, Jr.

I still can’t believe they won.


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