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Free Agent Profile: Offensive lineman Andrus Peat

With the Saints likely to let Peat walk in free agency, he could be a guy for Denver to target.

Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Andrus Peat was the 13th overall pick by the Saints, coming out of Stanford in 2015. In the draft he was viewed as a potential left tackle, or a guy who could move inside to guard.

The 6’7” 315 lb lineman has versatility in that regard as he played both left tackle and left guard for the Saints early on in his career, eventually settling down at left guard over the last two years.

What kind of contract could he get

This really depends on what position at which the market views him. His best position is likely at left guard, but someone may get desperate and offer him a lot of money to try and play left tackle.

The Saints used the 5th year option on him, so he made $9.6M last year. If he signs as a guard, I think he would be below the value of the bigger name guards like Thuney or Scherff.

Why the Broncos should sign him

Peat is a good run blocker and solid pass protector with very few penalties against him per season. He also brings position versatility, as he has played a good amount snaps at left tackle, as well as guard.

He could potentially fill Denver’s hole at right guard, while also having the chops to kick outside if called upon.

Why the Broncos shouldn’t sign him

I didn’t realize until digging into his history with the Saints, how injury littered Peat’s career has been. He has sustained major injuries the past three seasons, breaking his fibula in 2017, his hand in 2018, and being placed on IR with a broken arm to end this past season.

Final word

The injuries make his value on the open market hard, along with the off-chance that someone wants him to play left tackle and offers him that kind of money, so if I’m Denver the only way I would be in on Peat would be in the second wave of free agency, once it was clear what his market value was.

Even then, the injury history has to give you pause, so the price and contract structure would definitely have to be right.

But, if you’re not going to swing big for a guy like Thuney, Peat could be a more affordable option who is young and potentially has some room to keep growing as a player if he stays healthy.