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With Byron Jones likely hitting free agency, does Denver pursue?

The Cowboys defensive back is likely to command a high price on the open market, Denver could be interested.

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Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright talked a little Dallas Cowboys on Broncos Country Tonight as they were joined by Marcus Mosher from Locked On Cowboys to talk about Denver picking two slots above the Cowboys in the draft, and Dallas’ upcoming free agents.

One of the names mentioned that Denver fans should pay attention to was cornerback Byron Jones.

Benjamin Allbright alluded to the fact that Denver may be interested in Jones back in early February. It makes sense on a few different levels as Denver has a definite need at the position, Jones brings versatility and is a good scheme fit, and the Broncos have plenty of cap space this year so chasing a premium priced free agent like Jones isn’t prohibitive this year.

We’ll be doing an in-depth breakdown on Jones as part of our free agent profile series, but for now, enjoy this short video of him dominating some of the NFL’s best receivers.

Check out the full conversation in the link above, or right here.