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The Broncos will have options in the draft

Broncos Country Tonight discusses the draft options with Dane Brugler of The Athletic

It seems like every time the Denver Broncos draft comes up, two positions garner more attention than others. Wide receiver and offensive line are obvious areas of need. Dane Brugler of The Athletic joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight and examined the options for Denver.

The interview started off with a discussion about a recent quote from Mel Kiper saying that as many as 50 wide receivers could be drafted in 2020. There’s a certain amount of absurdity that comes with a statement like that. Brugler dismissed it pretty quickly.

What it does show, however, is that the position is deep. The depth of WR in the draft gives the Broncos several options when it comes to picking 15th. Obviously, some have been pushing for a speed receiver. Allbright has been pounding the table for Henry Ruggs III. He may not be around when it is time for John Elway to submit the Broncos selection.

For the first time in a long time, Denver is not entering the draft with a specific need like quarterback. Ryan asked Brugler about the “sweet spot” for Denver as far as players are concerned with the 15th pick.

The beauty of the Broncos position in the draft is that several players who fit what Denver wants to do should be available. So, maybe Ruggs is off the table, but there are several offensive lineman that could still be around. Tristan Wirfs could still be available if the draft falls correctly, or Mekhi Becton might still be on the board.

The point is that Denver will be able to allow the draft to fall in place, and won’t be forced into any moves because they are position dependent. It also means not falling in love with a specific player, and instead being able to go with the draft as it materializes.