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Shelby Harris receiving “significant interest” from the Indianapolis Colts

Benjamin Allbright says he wouldn’t be surprised if they pursue Harris in free agency

Benjamin Allbright is down in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine this week, and joined Big Al and JoJo on KOA to discuss what he’s been hearing.

They mentioned, something that happens every year at the Combine is players and teams potentially begin loosely talking, or interest becomes more clear. Although the rules prohibit deals from being made or contact from happening, it’s pretty well understood that “tampering” is goes on at the Combine and leading up to the start of free agency.

Separate from this, the combine is also a great place to glean info as reps and media from every team all converge in one spot.

One of the things that Allbright mentioned on air was that one of those early intentions being declared at the Combine pertains to Denver’s defensive lineman, Shelby Harris.

According to Allbright, there is “significant interest” from the Colts in Harris and he wouldn’t be surprised to see them move in that direction.

It still remains to be seen just what kind of value Harris will get on the open market, but it seems as though he is in line for a big pay day. He has certainly earned it.