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Could the Broncos take 2 WRs in the first 100 picks?

Jordan Reid of the Draft Network joined BCT to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft.

With NFL Combine underway, the conversation inevitably turns to what teams should do in the upcoming draft. As the Denver Broncos evaluate talent, speculation runs the gamut of possibilities. A position that continues to be at the front of many discussions is wide receiver.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan and Ben sat down with Jordan Reid of The Draft Network to go over all the options on the table for Denver. Obviously, the notion of taking an offensive lineman was a big part of the discussion. However, the push to find a speed weapon on offense may see John Elway and Vic Fangio land on a name like Henry Ruggs, CeeDee Lamb, or Jerry Jeudy with the 15th pick.

Then again, it’s possible none of those players will still be available at 15. That could mean a player like Jalen Reagor becomes the Broncos target in the second round. If that’s the case, it would mean that the Broncos probably got the offensive lineman that so many are screaming for.

Then an interesting idea was brought up. Could the Broncos take two wide receivers within the first 100 picks of the 2020 draft? Reid’s response was interesting.

“Even if you’re strong at receiver, you still should take one in this class.”

That’s a strong statement from Reid about the talent level at WR in the 2020 draft class. What it also means is that the Broncos could wait on taking a WR, and focus on the offensive line with the 15th pick and still get a wideout that can take the top off of a defense, and compliment Courtland Sutton.

That’s not exactly saying that the Broncos should take two WR in the first 100 picks. The draft is deep, though, and Denver can play a waiting game at WR if they want, and still walk away with an impact offensive weapon.