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It’s quietly been a great week for Drew Lock

Full support from his bosses and a personal friendship with the GOAT? The Denver QB is on the right track!

Okay, someone needs to tell me if I missed something. I have practically lived under a rock here in Germany ever since my daughter was born and I’ve been about 10% plugged into what’s going on in the sports world and so I’m mostly in the dark. So, please tell me....since when have John Elway and Vic Fangio been all-in on Drew Lock?

Am I making a bigger deal of this than I should be?

The head coach and GM of the Broncos came out this weekend and were high in their praise for the young QB and appeared to be convinced that he is the future. John Elway mentioned him in the same sentence with Johnny Unitas - something that should not be taken lightly, no matter the use! Vic Fangio also spoke in positive terms (more so than normal) about the kid and seemed to be in a good mood about the QB situation.

I talk in detail about this point on the Broncos and Bratwurst Podcast (linked above) and I really think it’s fascinating that their tone has changed. Our shows can only be found on the YouTube channel so please like and subscribe as we not only have the B&B shows but are daily putting up new content!

As if getting the full support from his team wasn’t enough, news came out via Brandon Stokley of 104.3 the Fan that Drew Lock had a 90 minute phone conversation with Peyton Manning regarding offseason prep. So, in other words, PFM is practically a private coach for our young QB.

One of the greatest of all time has been open to this young upstart talking his ear off and has been willing and ready to spend his valuable time in lending his invaluable advice. This is huge news!

Though most of Broncos country is fittingly stuck with their eyes on the Combine and how fast Ruggs runs a 40, Drew Lock has quietly had a great week and it should be something that makes us feel really good about the future of this team.

A few correct moves in the offseason and I’m smelling the postseason as early as 2020! - and my guess is that Elway, Fangio, Peyton and company are catching that same whiff.


What is bigger news:

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