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What are the Broncos biggest needs?

Tony Pauline from the Pro Football Network joined Broncos Country Tonight to answer that and what Denver should do with the No. 15 pick.

This time of year it’s all about rumors and speculation.

While the NFL gathers in Indianapolis for the Combine and looks to check boxes on players they could target in the NFL Draft, everyone wonders who their team will target, sign and/or draft.

After this weekend in Indy, we’re only about two weeks out from the start of free agency and we find out. On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright turned to Tony Pauline from Pro Football Network for where things may stand right now with the Denver Broncos.

When he was asked what John Elway and the Broncos could do with the No. 15 pick, he had a great answer — they have to see who is there and how the board falls. I know some may not like the answer, but that’s the best answer since no one knows. If there’s a run on quarterbacks in the top 10 picks, some talented players will fall and could be there.

In terms of the biggest needs:

“If you believe Drew Lock is the guy, you have to protect him and get him weapons,” Pauline said.

Bonus listen

MHR’s Joe Rowles joined the guys to discuss all things combine and the Broncos taking a receiver with the No. 15 pick.