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How would you solve the Broncos’ biggest needs?

Joe Rowles and Jeff Essary discuss the Denver Broncos biggest needs on the first episode of Cover 2 Broncos.

There is little doubt that with Drew Lock’s emergence, more than $50 million in cap space and a small war chest of draft picks, this offseason could be a huge step forward for the Denver Broncos. It’s no certainty however. With expiring contracts for Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, Conner McGovern, Chris Harris, and decisions to be made on a number of others players, John Elway is going to have to be smart about how he addresses the talent gap between Denver and the Kansas City Chiefs.

For the first ever episode of Cover 2 Broncos, Jeff Essary and I took a look at all of the pressing needs currently facing the roster. We explored:

  • Why D.J. Reader makes more sense for Fangio than Chris Jones.
  • Why Chris Harris Jr. is probably going to wear another jersey in 2020.
  • Who the Broncos will start at left and right tackle next season.
  • Why cornerback may (and may not) be as big an issue as it first appears.

We also provided the three biggest holes on the roster as we see them, and players who would solve them. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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