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Drew Lock primed for thrilling 2020 season

The Broncos quarterback has shown that he has “it.” That he gets “it.” Lock knows to be great he has to put in the work in the offseason. It also helps to talk with PFM.

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The Drew Lock Train is traversing the tracks at full speed — and it’s the offseason.

We’re one month into the Year of the Drew and there’s no slowing down the Drew Year.

OK, I’ll let the Drew puns go ... for now.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I took Joe Rowles’ bold predictions and expanded on a few — agree or disagree. In this instance, I agreed with Joe. He said Lock would get MVP votes as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

As I said on the podcast, I don’t think Lock will surprise Broncos Country with how he plays, but I think he will force the collective NFL world to take a second look and force them all to keep their eyes glued to what they’re seeing. Yes, we’re in offseason mode and this is the time of year we’re hope starts to really take root. But based on what we saw in Lock’s first five games and everything he’s said since the season ended (namely talking with Peyton Manning), my belief that he will have a great season has only amplified.

There is obviously a lot of time — a lot of time — between now and the 2020 season. But with the additions John Elway and the front office (hopefully) make in free agency and the NFL Draft, it will only make Lock better. That will only make the Broncos better. Thus, I agree with Joe that Lock will receive some MVP votes in 2020.

Drew Drew!

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