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Will the Broncos be able to replace big names in 2020

Vic Fangio may have to deal with big changes on defense in 2020.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan and Ben were joined by Alexis Perry of Broncos Beat. With several offseason news stories taking shape, the biggest will likely be the way that Vic Fangio’s roster will change moving forward.

The defensive side of the ball could face a number of changes with players like Derek Wolfe, Shelby Harris, Adam Gotsis, Todd Davis, and Chris Harris looking like they may all be gone in 2020.

Perry talked about Fangio being the type of coach that will be able to move on from players without too much consternation.

“He knows there’s plenty of talent, not only in the draft, but in free agency, where he can fill those positions.”

The “Next man up” mentality fits well with Fangio’s attitude about the team moving forward, but there will also be opportunities to make improvements through free agency and the draft.

While the attitude that surrounds the Denver Broncos is positive, there are several question marks that follow this team. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how Fangio and GM John Elway answer those questions. Those answers will be paramount to the success of the Broncos in 2020.