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What will the Broncos secondary look like in 2020?

The Broncos secondary could look a lot different when the 2020 season begins.

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The Denver Broncos are likely going to have a different look in 2020. The area of the field that could undergo the biggest change is in the defensive backfield.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair and I decided to piggyback off Joe Rowles’ bold predictions and expand on a few that stood out to us. He made a couple about the Broncos secondary, which indicated a big shift could be on the horizon in Denver.

Chris Harris is a free agent, and it appears as if he has played his last game in a Broncos uniform. The end of the No Fly Zone is upon us, and it will be a new world in the Broncos secondary.

If Harris is gone, there will need to be some moves made to fill the void. The return of Bryce Callahan will help with that, but Joe predicted Denver would acquire Prince Amukamara. His familiarity with Vic Fangio’s defense makes him a natural fit for the Broncos.

Fangio was a big reason why Amukamara resigned with the Bears in 2018. The opportunity for a reunion might be too good to pass up for both parties.

Another name that has surfaced as a possibility in Denver’s secondary is the Cowboys Byron Jones. His name has surfaced as a favorite of some here at MHR, and he could also be a good fit as the Broncos try to move on from Harris.

The cap space will be there for John Elway to have some fun in free agency, and the secondary will definitely be an area that he could throw some money around. Having a solid secondary would do more than just make quarterbacks think twice about where they throw the ball. It would also be a key component in helping pass rushers get to home.

Forcing QB’s to pause for an extra second while Von Miller and Bradley Chubb are bearing down on them will lead to sacks, tipped passes, and turnovers.

The Broncos need help all over the field. They need help on the offensive line. They need help on the defensive line. They need a speed receiver. They might want to add depth at running back.

All that being said, adding a couple players like Amukamara and Jones in the secondary would be hard to pass up.

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