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Should Denver draft a receiver early, or wait until after the first day?

Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright take the case to court.

There’s been, and will continue to be, a lot of talk already about who Denver could target in the draft and what their biggest needs are in this upcoming offseason.

Joe Rowles and I discussed this question a few days ago on the Cover 2 Broncos podcast, and of course one of the big positions that keeps bubbling to the top is wide receiver.

Outside of Courtland Sutton, Denver could definitely use some help at the position, but the big question is how much of a need is it, and what priority should the Broncos put on getting a wide receiver in the draft?

Well, tonight Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright “took the case to court” on Broncos Country Tonight, with the honorable Andrew Mason presiding as judge to the case.

Benjamin Allbright advocated for Denver taking a receiver in the first round, while Ryan Edwards argued for waiting until Day 2 or 3.

Allbright made the point that speed is the name of the game in today’s NFL, and the elite speed that Denver will want is at the top this year’s draft. He makes the point that you go get a Henry Ruggs in the first round, and now you have that elite speed that strikes fear into defenses, and you can even still circle back later in the draft and double dip in such a strong class.

Ryan Edwards calls out that even the judge (Andrew Mason) in his recent mock draft stated that there would be speed in the 2nd round and beyond in this draft at wide receiver, whom Denver could target. Guys like Jalen Reagor, Brandon Aiyuk, and KJ Hamler could all be targets after the first round, which would allow the Broncos to focus on fortifying the trenches with pick #15. “You can get plenty of speed in the 2nd round, it’s not limited to the 15th overall pick.”

Check out the full case above, or right here and see which direction you lean.


When should Denver look to draft a receiver?

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  • 28%
    1st round or bust, baby!
    (422 votes)
  • 44%
    Denver has more pressing needs. With this deep class, I would rather wait until Day 2 or 3.
    (654 votes)
  • 27%
    Denver should just go best player available, because I like to cop out with cliche answers.
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