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Proposed rule changes and other NFL News

We may see a more exciting play opportunity other than the onside kick in 2020

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Among today’s more interesting NFL news, check out the lead article under the NFL News section below. One of the things I’ve liked about the alternative pro football leagues in the past few years has been the way they are trying to spice up onside kick opportunities.

Nothing is passed the competition committee yet, but they will be talking about a version of an onside kick where the kicking team gets the ball with 15 yards to go in a 4th down situation.

It is pretty out of the box, but even for a tenured fan like myself who can hearken back to the “olden days” as easy as the next guy, I really like the thinking here. The NFL’s onside kick has turned into a foregone conclusion, and I liked the league much better when onside kicks had a higher conversion rate. This would be exciting, and I honestly think a 4th and 15 is a pretty tough situation for an offense. It seems like the perfect mix of difficulty and hope.

What do you out there in Broncos Country think? Should we keep it the same, try something new, or go back to the older way of onside kicks and take our injury risk alongside the excitement factor? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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