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What to expect from the Broncos in free agency

The Broncos head into free agency with some obvious needs. Benjamin Allbright previews Denver’s potential moves.

We are about to enter legal tampering.

However you feel about the absurdness of that phrase, the coming days will play a crucial role in what the Denver Broncos look like for the 2020 season. Who will John Elway and the franchise look to add to the roster? Will we see the Broncos attempt to buy the defense through NFL free agency and build the offense in the NFL Draft? Come 10 a.m. this morning and during the next two days, all teams have the right to negotiate “all aspects of an NFL player contract” with the certified agent of an impending free agent. Figures can be exchanged on a deal, but nothing can be agreed to or announced before the start of free agency at 2 p.m. Wednesday when the league year begins.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I were joined by Benjamin Allbright from KOA and Broncos Country Tonight to preview what the Broncos could do. Ben said Elway and Denver will target the defensive line, specifically defensive tackle. He mentioned D.J. Reader and Michael Pierce as possible targets. And as he’s been saying for a few weeks, cornerback Prince Akmukamara is a name to keep an eye on. As for the offense, Ben mentioned center as a position Denver will look at and depth along the offensive line.

In terms of receiver, a name some have thrown out is Amari Cooper, but Ben said the price could take the Broncos out of the running. He did say they could look at some of the lower tier guys, as well as a veteran running back like Jordan Howard.

It’s a fun and insightful show that gives fans a good primer for the next few days.