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Jurrell Casey is looking forward to rushing alongside Von Miller and Bradley Chubb

The Broncos newest member talks joining the team, and teaming up with the likes of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb to terrorize QBs.

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Yesterday, the Broncos added a key piece to their defense when they picked up Jurrell Casey, interior pass rush. You can never have too many good pass rushers in today’s NFL, and adding Casey into the fold to chase quarterbacks next to Von Miller and Bradley Chubb gives Denver a ferocious trio that few in the league can rival.

This was not lost on Casey as he joined KOA to talk with Brandon Krisztal or when he was on a conference call with reporters earlier today. He spoke very highly of Miller and Chubb and talked about how excited he was to get to play with those guys.

“Those guys are amazing pass rushers. To see how those guys play, the effort that they give every game, the tenacity. Just being around him (Miller), being in the Pro Bowl, the leader mindset that I’ve seen from him being in the Pro Bowl and being around him just talking with them for a little bit—those guys are great—a hell of a pass rusher. What else can a guy like me who loves the pass rush and getting after the quarterback ask for but have two great edge rushers who can collapse the pocket and make the job a lot easier for me where I don’t have to push a hundred guys backwards and push them too far. They’re going to push the quarterback into the pocket and make the job easy. Nobody can complain about that right.”

He also talked on air with Krisztal about the tricks he’s learned throughout his career and how he can bring some of his knowledge to the film room and Denver’s defensive line room. Watching Casey on tape, it’s clear he has a very well developed arsenal of pass rush moves, and his hands are excellent. I’m excited about what he can potentially do as a mentor for a guy like Dre’Mont Jones, Bradley Chubb, or even future draft picks.

Casey seems like a great, down to earth, hard working dude who is ready to go to work for the Broncos.

“The biggest thing is doing my job. Make sure I put pressure on the quarterback, make sure I’m stopping the run. The first thing off is make sure we can stop the run and make sure we’re making the game easier for our DBs. If we can do that and make sure we’re getting a lot of turnovers to help out the offense, give them a great field position to make sure we get a lot of points in the game, the playoffs will take care of themselves. My job is to come in and make sure I stop the run and create pressure on the quarterback.”