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Report: Melvin Gordon took less to sign with the Broncos so he can play the Chargers twice

The revenge factor!

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Chargers

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, newly signed Broncos running back Melvin Gordon took less to sign with the Broncos just so he could play the Chargers twice a year.

Staying within the division to play the team that didn’t think you were worth a big deal and let you walk always made me think that Gordon to the Broncos made sense. Add in Royce Freeman being a bit of a disappointment and you had a solid match between the two sides.

Division games are always marked on the calendar but we may be looking a little more forward to the first match up between these two teams. Gordon will be looking for revenge against them and will be doing it in the rival Broncos colors. A great game from Gordon leading to a win(and sweep) of the Chargers would be very satisfying.

So if you do not like this move, maybe Gordon taking less to join the Broncos to get back at the Chargers will help sway you a bit. If that doesn’t do it, here are some more tweets that may help you a bit.