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Having a QB has given Broncos free agency a refreshing change of pace

Instead of looking for another veteran quarterback, John Elway is free to build around Drew Lock.

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Good morning, Broncos Country!

What a difference having a quarterback makes.

At least for the 2020 season, Drew Lock is the guy for the Denver Broncos. That’s proven by the moves John Elway and the front office have made at this point in free agency ... and the ones they haven’t. Namely, not having to wade into the veteran quarterback waters and hoping it works out, but knowing it won’t. It is a little weird not being involved in that high-stakes game of chicken. It’s also refreshing.

Adam Malnati said as much on the MHR Radio Podcast. While most of the moves have happened since this recording (we will do a new show for Monday), the premise remains the same. Having Lock has made all of the difference at this point in the offseason.

The other thing that’s clear is how smart Elway and Vic Fangio have been with the moves they’ve made to build around Lock — on offense and defense. Kudos to Denver for the two key pieces they’ve added on defense, and getting them for a fourth- and seventh-round draft pick, respectively. And they are both relatively good contracts. I’m excited to see what A.J. Bouye and Jurrell Casey look like in Fangio’s defense. I still can’t believe that Elway was able to get Casey from the Tennessee Titans for a seventh-round pick.

We will see if Elway signs any more free agents – perhaps another cornerback – and then what he does in the draft. Mike Klis reported on Saturday that Elway and Co. is expected to pause in free agency. Klis said there will be a signing here and there over the offseason but mock drafts can commence. But I like the moves Denver has made.

It’s amazing what happens when you find your quarterback.

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