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Do the Broncos have a recipe for a playoff run?

The MHR Radio Podcast thinks they have a shot at the postseason in 2020.

The Denver Broncos have essentially wrapped up the free agency period. Perhaps there is one or two more moves to be made, (Prince Amukamara comes to mind), but the big moves are likely done.

The question posed during the MHR Radio Podcast is, do the moves made by John Elway and Vic Fangio make the Broncos a playoff contender? Ian St. Clair and I examined where we think the Broncos currently stand within the AFC West.

Also, there are no sports to watch on TV, but the NFL has made Game Pass free. We discussed games that we are going back and watching. Super Bowls, playoff games, incredible regular season games, which games do you think you would be most interested in going back and watching?

Along with watching NFL Game Pass, we got a glimpse into the kitchen of Vic Fangio. While listening to Dean Martin, Fangio looked like he was making a huge pot of spaghetti and meatballs. Hopefully, he has a good recipe for his sauce, and for the Broncos upcoming 2020 season.