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Simulating the Broncos 2020 season: NFL Draft

Looking for things to do while on lockdown, I figured why not simulate the entire 2020 season for the Denver Broncos playing Madden 20.

As the United States increasingly goes under a lock down due to coronavirus, those of us at home are looking for things to do at home. For a blogger with not much NFL-related news happening, that leaves few options. Our friends at Gas Lamp Ball, a San Diego Padres fan blog, started an effort to simulate the Padres 2020 season and, to me, that sounded like a wonderful way to spend some of my ample free time.

Using Madden 20, I painstakingly modified the Denver Broncos roster to be reasonably close to what we see right now. I also, uh, lightly edited some attributes of 2019 rookie players that I felt were depressingly low to at least put them around average in the Madden system for this 2020 simulation.

In this episode of MHR Live on Twitch, we’ll be conducting the 2020 NFL Draft and preseason. In future episodes, we’ll actually coach the games and see how the simulation plays out. Be sure to follow us on Twitch and join in on the conversation there. I’ll probably be asking for advice live as we draft and/or coach our way through games.

Hope to see you in chat and here’s to drafting a wide receiver!

Simulated Draft Results

Well, we did get those wide receivers... just not in the first round. Joe Rowles and I experienced the complete nightmare scenario for the Denver Broncos. Nightmare if they were dead set on one of the big three wide receivers at 15. Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb, and Henry Ruggs III were all gonzo by the time Denver’s pick rolled up.

Not only that, most of the top offensive linemen were gone too. The one that remained happened to be the #5 player on Joe’s big board, so we took him. Jedrick Wills could be the sneaky best pick the Broncos could make given how many wide receivers ended up being available in rounds two and three.

Personally, I’d be pretty happy with this draft. How about you?